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Cultural Agenda: What’s on in Tel Aviv/ Download full lineup 5th TLV Blues festival


The City of Tel Aviv is filling the next few months with numerous culturally enriched events and festivals. Please find below a summary of the events as well as press releases attached to this email. For additional information or RSVP, please reply by email (see below).

Total Red: Photography
October 26th – February 10th at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s launches an exhibition of silver prints from its collection marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution with a selection of works by leading Soviet photographers.

The Cacao and Chocolate Experience of Enchanted Ecuador
November 2nd at Tel Aviv’s New Station Compound (Hatachana)

The event will feature chocolate tastings for professionals and the public at large and an exhibition of photographs depicting the history of cacao in Ecuador and the breathtaking vistas of Ecuador and the Andes.

The Tel Aviv Piano Festival
November 8th – 11th

The Piano Festival brings together many top Israeli musicians in intimate acoustic piano performances by artists such as Peter Bence, Garden City Movement, Adi Ulmansky, Ivri Lider and many others!

Tel Aviv’s 5th Blues Festival
November 22nd – 25th

20 venues | 40 Shows | 4 Days

The festival will host dozens of blues performances in Hebrew and English by local Israeli artists, collaborations and exclusive festival productions. In addition, the city of Jaffa was added to the festival’s name and will host a variety of shows in its venues.

Photo Israel Festival: The Fifth International Photography Festival
November 23rd – December 2nd in Midtown, Tel Aviv

Featuring works by more than 200 prominent international photographers, Photo Is:rael Festival will feature twenty-five exhibitions and special events celebrating innovation in photography, broad and diverse social activity, and building international bridges with the language of photography.

Tel Aviv Jazz Festival
December 6th – 8th

The Festival hosts internationally known jazz musicians, playing side-byside with Israeli musicians, in original Festival productions and premiere performances

Full lineup – 5th TLV blues fest

Total Red Photography


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