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Aliyah: over 200 New Immigrants from France, Russia, Argentina and Brazil to arrive in Israel Wednesday



Kicking off the Season of Aliyah and welcoming the thousands of olim [new immigrants] from all over the world set to arrive in Israel this summer, The Jewish Agency for Israel, the Israel Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, and the Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal will hold a festive airport reception on Wednesday, July 17th.

The event will include 200 olim who will arrive on Wednesday from France, Russia, Argentina and Brazil on special Jewish Agency flights. Among the new arrivals will be 70 children who will join the Israeli education system when school starts after the summer vacation. The event will also include an additional 200 young adults, aged 18-35, who recently arrived from 27 countries and are participating in special programs for new immigrants sponsored by The Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. 

The highlight of the ceremony will be the arrival of Flight 100, with 100 new olim from France. The plane will be bringing young Parisian families that will settle in Jerusalem, Netanya and Tel Aviv. The youngest oleh on the plane is two months old. The group of new arrivals from France also includes 35 school-age children.

The plane’s passengers also include Brazilian and Argentinian singles participating in The Jewish Agency’s aliyah program for young adults. This group will participate in intensive Hebrew language study classes (Ulpan) for several months, and then begin employment and higher education programs in Israel.

Nearly 80 new immigrants will also be arriving from Russia, mostly from Moscow, on the same day. The group from Russia includes a one-year old and 25 school children; most of the families will settle in Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Rishon Le’Tziyon

Photo: Jewish Agency for Israel


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