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President Rivlin spoke at the Wolf Prize ceremony last night

נשיא המדינה בטקס פרס וולף בכנסת צילום: חיים צח / לע"מ Photos By : Haim Zach / GPO

Wolf Prize

President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin spoke last night, Thursday 30 May / 26 Iyar, at the 2019 Wolf Prize ceremony, held at the Knesset. Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Meir Cohen also participated in the event. This year, the prize was awarded to seven winners in the fields of science and the arts.

The Wolf Foundation

is a fund of the State of Israel whose goal is to promote excellence in science and the arts. Every year, the President participates in the awarding of the prestigious international prize for scientists and artists from around the world for achievements “to promote science and art for the benefit of humanity.”

Prizes are awarded in the fields of medicine, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, physics and the arts: painting and sculpture, music and architecture. Since the founding of the foundation in 1975, 336 scientists and artists have won the Wolf Prize, and more than a third of the Wolf Prize winners have won the Nobel Prize in the fields shared by the two awards. The prize is awarded by the Wolf Foundation, founded by Dr. Ricardo Wolf and his wife Francisca Subirana-Wolf, who contributed their resources to the fund.

The winners

“The winners of the Wolf Prize are known for their ability to open a window to new and hidden worlds, to discover,” he said. “It is no coincidence that this prestigious prize is awarded to you in the Knesset building, where elected officials gather and shape Israeli reality every day. We wish to encourage you to continue creating, exploring and breaking borders, in order to bring fresh winds of change and progress.”

The President added: “Today we have gathered to recognize and cherish not one, but seven seekers, seven visionaries, who were brave and determined enough to discover more in the world and to bring us, human society, the good news. Each one of them is a master in their field. Through each one of them we take a step closer to the better, to the healthier, to the more beautiful, to the more whole, to better understand the world in which we live, to shape it for our needs and at the same time preserve it for the benefit of future generations. “

“Personally and on behalf of the citizens of Israel, I would like to thank you for your unique work and for its importance to society as a whole. May you continue to break boundaries, both real and imaginary, for the benefit of us all. God bless you.

Winners of the 2019 Wolf Prize:

• The Wolf Prize in Medicine was awarded to Professor Jeffrey Friedman

• The Wolf Prize in Mathematics was awarded to Professor Gregory Lawler and Professor Jean-Francois le Gall

• The Wolf Prize in Agriculture was awarded to Professor David Zilberman

• The Wolf Prize in Architecture was awarded to architect Moshe Safdie

• The Wolf Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Professor Steven L. Buchwald and Professor John F. Hartwig

Attached photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO)


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