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ISA thwarts attempt to use a UAV to smuggle cellphones to security prisoners


The ISA investigation has revealed the involvement of several of the suspects in various operations to smuggle cellphones to security prisoners from 2016-2018. The smuggling operations were directed from prison by terrorists who are known to the security forces.

It was also revealed that in October 2018, several of the suspects were involved in an attempt to smuggle a large number of cellphones by means of a UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). During the attempt, control of the UAV was lost and it crashed outside the prison. The Israel Police located the UAV in a subsequent sweep.

The investigation revealed that practice runs with the UAV had been made. There was also telephone coordination with the prisoners regarding the spot where the UAV would deposit its illicit cargo for collection by the prisoners.

The ISA and Israel Police located the 60 cellphones which were to have been smuggled.

The investigation has shown that in addition to the aforementioned effort, the suspects had taken part in several attempts to smuggle cellphones to security prisoners in recent years, in the context of which dozens of phones were smuggled to prisoners in exchange for money from the terrorist organizations.

The cellphones that were seized were designated for security prisoners from the terrorist organizations who are serving long sentences for their involvement in terrorist activity and attacks.

Security prisoners are leading an effort from inside the prisons to promote terrorist activity, especially abductions, in order to lead to exchange deals. Attempts to smuggle in cellphones are designed to give these terrorists the tools with which to advance their efforts. Foiling such smuggling attempts thwarts these plans.

The State Attorney (Central District), today (Thursday, 6 December 2018), filed severe indictments against the suspects.

The ISA, in cooperation with the Israel Police and the Prison Service, will continue to closely monitor all elements that assist the terrorist organizations, in and out of prison, and will take the necessary measures to thwart and foil actions that harm the security of the state.

Attached photo credits — ISA


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